CC1 The Rolls-Royce 20/25 H.P.

THE ROLLS-ROYCE 20/25 H.P. - 3rd Edition by Tom C. Clarke Published on 11th June 2009 and launched at the R-REC Annual Rally at Kelmarsh in Northamptonshire held 12th-14th June. With literally thousands of updates since the 2nd edition, published as long ago as 2001, there are 50 extra pages and 240 new photographs � half of which are period pictures, this is a must. In the standard "Complete Classics" format with a comprehensive chassis register of all 20/25 H.P. cars produced between 1929 and 1936, including details of the first owners, known UK registrations and the current location of these popular models; road tests, modifications and chassis output, handbook and sales catalogue details, hints on buying and operating the models, the Motor Show cars and detailed information on the high numbers of survivors. Also new for this edition are 20/25 H.P. cars used in films. With 3,824 built and over 2,500 Rolls-Royce 20/25 H.P. owners worldwide and countless enthusiasts for the small horsepower models, don't let this limited edition of just 1,000 copies sell out without getting your copy�� Specification: Hardback, 210 X 160mm, 408 pages, 208 monochrome photographs and 33 in colour Price: �27.00 plus postage and packing as follows:- To U.K. �6.50, to Europe �9.50, to rest of the world �17.00 You can use a Sterling cheque drawn on a British bank, Paypal or make a bank transfer on account to:- IBAN: GB43MIDL40184431113046, BIC: MIDLGB2127E. Copies signed by the author can be supplied, if desired.

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151009 Reg'd AGW187, Sir James Cayzer provided a 3/4 front photograph of a 20/25 saloon with this reg'n at one time (said to be from new) owned by A. J. Stewart Todd. The only car purchased new by said gentlemen was 20/25 GSY3 - a HJM sedanca de ville, so this one has to remain a mystery presently 151009 ALA875 is now known to have been GRW6 (from the T&M recs at Science Museum per TC) 151009 ALO194, a limousine, owned approx 1955-62 by Moreton in S.E. England. Car was sold to USA serviceman and car exported to USA, so GTZ71 fits but not confirmed! 151009 AXW278 is now known to have been GXB73 (from owner Warhurst family 1963-2009) 151009 AYY9 confirmed as GMD53 (per Steve Stuckey in AUS) 151009 CLO444 confirmed as GRC18 (per Steve Stuckey in AUS) 151009 JJ3224 is now on GMU17 which remains in the USA 151009 JK5555 is now known to have been GLJ55 151009 KX7542 is confirmed as GFT41 (delete refs to KX4542? and KXY542 in 3rd edition) 151009 PG6659 is now known to have been GXO85 - a surprise lot at Bonhams Kelmarsh 151009 VLG826 was a later reg'n on GSY57 151009 YS1715 is now known to have been GLG79 (per TC)