CC2 Rolls-Royce 25/30 & Wraith

Following the most successful Rolls-Royce small horsepower model produced between the wars, the 25/30 was introduced in 1936. 1203 examples (including two converted 20/25s) were built before introduction of the 25/30 Wraith model in 1938. The latter, much later than similarly sized cars from the other side of the Atlantic, featured independent front suspension for the first time, although this advance had first appeared on the Phantom III introduced 2 years earlier.

Arguably the quietest Rolls-Royce car, production of the Wraith terminated on the outbreak of WW2 and just 492 examples were built. Approximately 380 Wraiths are known to survive with in excess of 150 examples in the U.S.A. and Canada.

Notable purchasers of 25/30 cars included:-

Gerald Walcan-Bright, otherwise known as dance band leader ‘Geraldo’ with GTL66, Ninette de Valois the prima ballerina with GRM20, playwright & author Robert Sherriff with GAN4 (also Wraith WRB9), author of ’One Hundred & One Dalmatians’ Dodie Smith purchased GRO19 and used the car both in the U.K. and for a protracted visit to the United States and George Booth, the music hall musician/comedian who used the stage name George Formby GRP37 (and Wraith WRB2). Customers for the Wraith included George Bernard Shaw with WHC4, H.R.H. The Duke of Connaught with WRB6, H.R.H. Prince George Duke of Kent with WHC2 and Lord Trent, the founder of Boots the Chemists, had WXA19.

CC2 is now out of print but a new edition is planned for Autumn 2013.

Below: Gurney Nutting sedanca de ville on 25/30 chassis GMP73, was in wedding hire service in Northamptonshire but more recently was  sold via The Real Car Co. to an enthusiastic new owner in West Sussex . (Photograph courtesy of the wedding hire operator)

GMP7 Thrupp & Maberly limousine noted in the National Museum of Tanzania 2002 following formal use by the President. Photograph via Wayne Kennerly. GWN11 Thrupp & Maberly sports saloon has moved to a new owner in Mexico and is surely the only example of this model in that country. Photograph from owner.