CC1 The Rolls-Royce 20/25 H.P.

The 3rd edition is now out of print but copies do appear on eBay and elsewhere from time to time.

THE ROLLS-ROYCE 20/25 H.P. – 3rd Edition by Tom C. Clarke Published June 2009 and launched at the R-REC Annual Rally at Kelmarsh in Northamptonshire. With literally thousands of updates since the 2nd edition, published as long ago as 2001, there are 50 extra pages and 240 new photographs half of which are period pictures, this is a must. In the standard “Complete Classics” format with a comprehensive chassis register of all 20/25 H.P. cars produced between 1929 and 1936, including details of the first owners, known UK registrations and the current location of these popular models; road tests, modifications and chassis output, handbook and sales catalogue details, hints on buying and operating the models, the Motor Show cars and detailed information on the high numbers of survivors. Also new for this edition are 20/25 H.P. cars used in films. With 3,824 built and over 2,500 Rolls-Royce 20/25 H.P. owners worldwide and countless enthusiasts for the small horsepower models, don’t let this limited edition of just 1,000 copies sell out without getting your copy. Specification: Hardback, 210 X 160mm, 408 pages, 208 monochrome photographs and 33 in colour.

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CC1-3 published June 2009, updated 220319, new/amended reg’n/chassis cross-index. With grateful thanks to the many contributors situated around the world making this the greatest update between editions!

Reg’n Chassis Remarks
109YUR GLR41 New reg’n
119XUS GWE75 New reg’n
212XUN GYH59 New reg’n
232CWF Unknown New note 001
243YUR GKT40 New reg’n
389/GBG GOS43 New Guernsey, Channel Islands reg’n known for this chassis; note also subsequently on GLJ28
420XUW GYH20 New reg’n
438YUA GBA36 New reg’n
439YUA GPG66 New reg’n
443YUA GXB62 New reg’n
468YUN GYZ22 New reg’n
489UYG GYZ9 New reg’n
489YUN GFT36 New reg’n
490UYG GCJ22 New reg’n
548UYS GMU36 New reg’n
550YUE GXB48 New reg’n
659YUR GYD69 New reg’n
713UYF GBT66 New reg’n
732UYF GUB54 New reg’n
735XUD GYZ14 New reg’n
760UXH GUB37 New reg’n
845XUT GRC61 New reg’n
AEV1 GWX57 New reg’n
AGC380 GRW51 New reg’n
AGN338 GWX42 This clears note 006
AGW187 GSY3 New reg’n
AGY931 GDX18 New reg’n
AKN557 GTZ20 Reg’n confirmed (not AKN577)
AKW277 GXK56 New reg’n
ALA366 Unknown New note 012
ALA875 GRW6 New reg’n
“ALA993” GWX27 Commas added as only listed as such in Paddon Bros. sales records
ALE3? GWX80 New reg’n
ALO194 GTZ71? New probable reg’n; owned 1955-1962 by somebody called Moreton and though not yet 100%, it is almost certainly GTZ71
ALO791 GLZ81 New reg’n
AOO148 Unknown New note 024
AT8 Unknown New note 026
AUW108 GGA46 Chassis number confirmed (not GGA34)
AXU975 GUB36 Reg’n number confirmed (not AXV975)
AXU991 GUB56 Chassis number confirmed (not GUB46)
AXV666? GOH14 New reg’n
AXW278 GXB73 New reg’n
AXX629 GLB15 Reg’n confirmed (not AXX829)
AYM13 GNC65 This clears note 032
AYO406 GUB54 Reg’n confirmed (not AYO508)
AYP3 GMD39 This clears note 035
AYY9 GMD53 This clears note 038
BF4667 GXO17 Reg’n confirmed (not BF4945)
BGB120 GYD21 This clears note 039; reg’n confirmed (not BGB126)
BLU400 GFE8 New reg’n
“BXD10” GEH30 Reg’n correctly worn by GPG38, but GEH30 clearly marked as such on return GBR ’91 but more recently noted as BXO10
BXY15 GPG60 This clears note 062
CLB852 GXK1 New reg’n
CLO444 GRC18 This clears note 075
CS929 GAE33 New reg’n; sold by Scott-Moncrieff to current owner David Sandels MN, USA ’64
CUC168 GLJ74 New reg’n
CXB200 GXK81 This clears note 080
CXC530 Unknown New note 079
DCG542 GXO54 Reg’n confirmed (not DC6542)
DGH4 GTK46 New reg’n
DJL41 GSY76 New reg’n
DS8505 GLR18 New reg’n
EM7 GWP27 New reg’n
FS7755 GYZ15 New reg’n
G349 GTZ2 New reg’n
GEH862 GLR68 New reg’n
GG9250 GZU26 New reg’n
GH202 GDP80 This clears the current note 091
GK1628 GEX16 Both reg’n and chassis number corrected; not GK1608 previously shown as GEX16 and GK1628 previously shown as chassis GLR14!
GN2219 GNS67 New reg’n
GP15 Unknown New note 096
GP99 GTR41 New reg’n
GP5808 GPS39 This clears note 099
GPG274 GLG70 Reg’n confirmed (not CPG274)
GS4098 GLJ46 New reg’n
GT3821 GFT2 New reg’n
GVT268 GGP29 Reg’n correction (not GVT860)
GW7777 GBT20 This clears note 104
HAP1 GRW2 New reg’n
JJ3224 GMU17 New reg’n
JJ3427 GHW54 Chassis number confirmed (not GHW25)
JJ5121 GHW42 Chassis number confirmed (not GHW46)
JJ9214 GRW25 This clears note 113
JK2864 GZU8 Reg’n confirmed (not SK2864)
JK3011 GEX9 Reg’n confirmed (delete question mark)
JK3838 GXB66 New reg’n
JK5555 GLJ55 New reg’n
JN1517 GTR17 This clears note 114
JU6502 GPG68 New reg’n
KR7227 GSR27 New reg’n
KS9105 GRF17 Reg’n correction (not KS7105)
KX7542 GFT41 Reg’n confirmed (not KX4542 or KXY542 which have been incorrectly shown for GFT41 in various publications)
LY3700 GWX25 Reg’n correction (not LV3700)
MG3338 GYD45 New reg’n
MN727 GFT2 New reg’n
NG9000 GSF42 New reg’n
NJ6756 GHG27 New reg’n
NVS429 GBT20 Reg’n confirmed (not NV3429 or NV5429)
OPY104 GGA75 New reg’n
PG6659 GXO85 New reg’n
PG7444 GXO50 This clears note 131
RMN501 GPS39 This clears note 139
RR9839 GBA64 New reg’n
SH4486 GRC55 New reg’n (not SM4118 as previously published)
SM8669 GNS7 Reg’n confirmed (not SM6669)
TS9329 GOS41 New reg’n
TY8310 Unknown New note 155
UG6500 GTZ12 Reg’n confirmed (not UG5600)
US8247 GAE48 New reg’n
VD1 GWX47 New reg’n
VH3160 GXO57? Reg’n almost certainly correct for this chassis
VH6956 GAE34 New reg’n
VLG826 GSY57 New reg’n
VN2 GGA75 New reg’n (cherished reg’n still in use on Viscount Downe’s cars to this day)
VO4 GBA81 New reg’n (the Hooper body and the original reg’n transferred ex chassis GTR29); distinctive reg’n now officially listed as on GBA81
WM5700 GSR57 New reg’n
WS5000 GYH25 New reg’n
WX3382 Unknown New note 169
XP19 GRW79 Reg’n confirmed (delete question mark) and also see next entry
XP19 GHG11 New reg’n (also previously used on chassis GRW79)
XVS949 GRC48 Reg’n confirmed (not XVS849)
YJ428 GRW53 New reg’n
YJ851 GLZ56 New reg’n
YKT447B GMU39 New reg’n
YS1715 GLG79 New reg’n
YY5529? GMU51 Still supposition but known definitely not reg’d YJ3529
YY7567 GHW25 New reg’n

…and the revised so-called problem pages!



001 232CWF East Riding of Yorkshire re-reg’n from Aug ’68; also see entry below for AT8. GDP80 is a possibility
002 888UYA Somerset reg’n issued Jun-Jul ’63; 1934 estate car
003 918YUS Very amateurish open tourer body painted dark blue noted Goodwood Member’s Meeting 7th Apr ‘19; DVLA notes a limousine with that reg’n, car initially registered 24th Mar ‘34
004 ADG500? Gloucester reg’n issued Sep-Dec ’35; illustrated RRB June ’36 p10: 1933-34 saloon; GOH2 (by James Young) is a likely candidate
005 AGK33 London reg’n issued Mar-Apr ’33; prob a limousine or landaulette by Hooper, rolled in Trafalgar or Parliament Square, scrapped by Capt. Ralph Symmons of Oxford – see B200/37-39; GZU38 or GHW40 are likely candidates
006 AGK500 London reg’n issued Mar-Apr ’33; limousine modified to a hearse, at Jack O’Lantern Garage, GBR 1950s
007 AGN339 London reg’n issued Mar-May ‘33; Harry Forrest, Aberdeen taxi 1952 – advised by the late Peter Baines and illustrated B258/7
008 AGN975 London reg’n issued Mar-May ’33; Hooper limousine in Scotland ’59
009 AJK276 Eastbourne reg’n issued Feb ’51 to Jun ’52; 1932 Park Ward limousine, later owned by Merediths Taxis, West Hartlepool
010 AJN297A 1933-34 Freestone & Webb? 4d4l saloon; in GBR ‘90
011 AKW80 Bradford reg’n issued Jan-Apr ’36 but said to be a 1934 Park Ward limousine, later owned by Merediths Taxis, West Hartlepool
012 ALA366 London reg’n issued May-Jun ’33; front on view of chauffeur driven car visiting a Butlins leisure resort
013 ALB951 London reg’n issued May-Jun ’33; illustrated RRB Nov ’34 p15; Thrupp & Maberly?; poss GGA23 (AXB951 incorrectly quoted for this car)
014 ALD381 London reg’n issued May-Jun ’33; 1932 Park Ward limousine; either GSY71 or GSY81 are candidates
015 ALF323 London reg’n issued Jun-Aug ’33; Harry Forrest, Aberdeen taxi 1952 – advised by late Peter Baines and illustrated B258/7
016 ALF327 London reg’n issued Jun-Aug ’33; illustrated RRB Jan ’34 p13
017 ALH646 London reg’n issued Jun-Aug ’33; no further information
018 ALN200 London reg’n issued Jul-Aug ’33; Park Ward saloon; owned GBR.63/Abbott
019 ALO578 London reg’n issued Aug-Sep ’33; estate car?; reg’n shown as on GBK11 in 2nd edition CC1 but incorrect; GMU14, GHW79, GRW51, GSY26 or GTZ20 are all possibilities
020 ALX352 London reg’n issued Oct ’33 to Mar ‘34; unknown builder limousine; was displayed at the Collection Lefranc, Sury le Comtal, FRA ‘67
021 ALY582? London reg’n issued Oct-Nov ’33, unknown builder drophead coupé
022 AN2 1935 Hooper owner-driver saloon; owned by the late Alec Norman and attended 1969 R-REC Annual Rally, Blenheim Palace
023 ANY813 Glamorgan reg’n issued Apr-Jul ’35; illustrated RRB Feb ’35 p32: unknown builder limousine, possibly a Phantom II
024 AOO148 Ca1933 fixed/drophead coupe thought of European manufacture with Marchal headlamps photographed GBR 1960s; Davide Bassoli photograph collection
025 APG655 Issued Surrey May-Jun ’33; shooting brake reported on an unidentified 20/25; GWX24 may be a possibility
026 AT8 Kingston-upon-Hull reg’n issued from Jan ’04; 1930 chassis with H. J. Mulliner body originally, re-bodied by Fox and Sellers of Hull as a shooting brake 1947; handled by Scott-Moncrieff per the late Peter Brockes; a later owner was Jeffrey Bates of Cheltenham; re-reg’d 232CWF Mar ’74 and subsequently re-reg’d again as FT4166; a strong possibility is GDP80
027 AUL807 London reg’n issued Oct-Nov ’33; Thrupp & Maberly saloon; previously reg’d YY6452 – see note below
028 AUW519 London reg’n issued Nov-Dec ’33; Barker sedanca de ville; in GBR ‘89; actually likely to be either AUW579 GGA63 or AXM519 GXB77
029 AVR990 Manchester reg’n issued Jul-Sep ’34; Thrupp & Maberly limousine, later owned by Merediths Taxis, West Hartlepool; location/guarantee date for GMD1 fits but this is a Barker limousine
030 AWW479 Yorkshire (West Riding) reg’n issued Sep-Nov ’35; 1933 car in Harlow, Essex with Hales ‘92
031 AXF14 London reg’n issued Dec ’33-Feb ’34; Hooper limousine, in Scott-Moncrieff sales list Nov ‘70
032 AXK827 London reg’n issued Jan-Feb ’34; Park Ward? limousine, later owned by Merediths Taxis, West Hartlepool, 1950-60s
033 AXV247 London reg’n issued Feb-Mar ’34; illustrated RRB Jun ’36 p14; Hooper or Park Ward saloon
034 AYF322 London reg’n issued Mar-Apr ’34; probably a Barker Limousine
035 AYN14 London reg’n issued Apr ’34; no further information
036 AYN895 London reg’n issued Apr-May ’34; Windovers limousine with Kenny Taxis, Stockport, 1950s
037 AYV624 London reg’n issued May-Jul ’34; Hooper limousine handled by Scott-Moncrieff
038 AYW324 London reg’n issued May-Jul ’34; drophead coupé, raked bonnet louvres, carried through to scuttle, landau irons, rear metal-covered spare, wheel discs; appeared in 1949 GBR film Woman Hater
039 AYW924 London reg’n issued May-Jul ’34; Hooper limousine; possibly refers to Phantom II 187RY AYV924, a Hooper landaulette
040 BGT268 London reg’n issued Aug-Sep ’34; said to be a Freestone & Webb 2d4l ‘Top Hat’ saloon in GBR 1980s; probably refers to GYD3 actually reg’d BGT298 but this was with Gurney Nutting body
041 BGW789 London reg’n issued Aug-Oct ’34; illustrated RRB Mar ’37 p12; Thrupp & Maberly or Barker limousine
042 BKE694 Kent reg’n issued Apr-May ’34; probably GUB68 – see FL/1368 for more
043 BKL187 Kent reg’n issued Aug-Oct ’34; illustrated RRB Dec ’35 p31: unknown builder saloon; probably GMD68 – see FL/5981 for more
044 BLA129 London reg’n issued Sep-Nov ’34; Barker 4d6l limousine, sold GBR.63-64 and purchased by Malcolm Buckler from J. E. Stone, Stocks Farm, Compton, Newbury, Berks for £50 and sold on to a dealer who intended to dismantle the car when its tyres became due for replacement!; BK picture collection; GYD7 is a likely candidate
045 BLE677 London reg’n Oct-Nov ’34; believed a Thrupp & Maberly saloon with SC9944 alongside; refer B253/11; illustrated B256/27; but note that GAE33 (by Hooper), GAE41 (by Connaught) or GWE2 (William Arnold) are likely candidates
046 BLE719 London reg’n issued Oct-Nov ’34; illustrated MotorSport Mar ’54/152 as a 4d6l saloon or limousine; Dec ‘34 Hooper “saloon” offered by Performance Cars of Brentford
047 BLM1 London reg’n issued Nov ’34 to Jan ’35; poss H. J. Mulliner limousine illustrated The Motor 6th Jul 37 p1011
048 BLM99 Issued London Nov ’34 to Jan ’35; mid series (perhaps ‘E’) 4d4l saloon almost certainly by Windovers
049 BLN200 London reg’n issued Nov ’34 to Jan ’35; saloon at Southern Counties Car Auctions Ltd. 8th Oct ‘66
050 BLU668 London reg’n issued Dec ’34 to Jan ’35; illustrated Oyslager’s British Cars of the Thirties p75; Barker saloon
051 BLX79 London reg’n issued Jan ’35; illustrated RRB Dec ’35 p29; Barker 4d4l saloon
052 BNF140 Manchester reg’n issued Jun-Jul ‘35; owned GBR ‘54 by Mrs. Heron in Sussex
053 BNF438 Manchester reg’n issued Jun-Jul ’35; illustrated The Autocar 3rd July ’36
054 BOC510 Birmingham reg’n issued Jul-Aug ’35; limousine; probably actually refers to BOC599/GOH4
055 BPE937 Surrey reg’n issued Mar-May ’35; probably refers to BPB937/GGA57
056 BPF463 Surrey reg’n issued Apr-May ’34; Park Ward saloon, in Scott-Moncrieff photos at Hunt House (ref. S-M/B83)
057 BPX349 West Sussex reg’n issued Mar-Jun ’36; saloon with vinyl roof covering attended R-REC event Rugby School 16th Jun ’85 and photographed there by Colin Hughes published B152/18
058 BR8233 A 20/25 with shooting brake body has been noted wearing this reg’n but note that BR8238 was worn by 20hp chassis GEN43 which was originally fitted with a Weymann saloon with division body
059 BUV777 London reg’n issued Feb ’35; Thrupp & Maberly limousine tested by The Autocar 18th Jan ’52; GAF61 is a likely candidate
060 BVM575 Manchester reg’n issued Jul ’35; Mann Egerton limousine, later owned by Merediths Taxis, West Hartlepool
061 BX3282 Saloon in 1997 film Le Mystère des Fées aka Fairy Tale: A True Story; reg’n BX9286 was issued Carmarthen 1st Jan ’29, so probably a 20hp car or even a false reg’n applied purely for filming
062 BYF999 London reg’n issued May-Jun ’35; Salmons? ‘Tickford’ saloon in USA.80s; probably GOH16
063 BYH402 London reg’n issued May-Jul ’35; probably refers to BYH302 which is GYH6
064 BYH832 London reg’n issued May-Jul ‘35; Park Ward 4d4l swept tail saloon (like McAlpine car) prior Jun ‘36; photograph from late Tim Harding in Tom Clarke collection
065 BYP87 London reg’n issued Jun-Jul ’35; Barker sports saloon; GBR.61/Richard Young – refer B253/9 which says Lady Cussons was an earlier owner; GLG75 is a candidate; note Scott-Moncrieff described this as a saloon with coachwork by James Young
066 BYP654 London reg’n issued Jun-Jul ’35; Gurney Nutting (probably) sedanca coupé (not GTZ9)
067 BYT3 London reg’n issued Jul-Aug ’35; car makes a brief appearance towards the end of a 1955 GBR film The Constant Husband and also in another 1955 GBR film “No Smoking”
068 BYT107 London reg’n issued Jul-Aug ’35; no further information
069 CG2907 Southampton reg’n issued 1932; Hooper limousine
070 CGO1 James Young 4d4l swept-tail Bromley saloon; either GLG66 or GBK37 are possibilities with GLG66 the most likely candidate having been re-reg’d FAP86 Nov ‘49
071 CGX349 London reg’n issued Oct-Dec ’35; unknown builder tourer
072 CJH11 1931 car with later reg’n issued Hertford Nov ’36 to Jan ’37; “Recently had the most beautiful 2-door razor edge foursome coupe built on it” according to Scott-Moncrieff sales list dated May ‘62
073 CLB413 London reg’n issued Nov-Dec ’35; Windovers ‘Opera’ limousine
074 CLB859 London reg’n issued Nov-Dec ’35; Windovers 4d6l limousine, Marchal headlamps
075 CLE742 London reg’n issued Nov-Dec ’35; believed an Arthur Mulliner limousine, owned by Merediths Taxis, West Hartlepool, 1950-60s
076 CMC351 Middlesex reg’n issued Feb-Mar ’35; saloon, Frank Dale & Stepsons photograph collection
077 CS5900? Windovers saloon; also see note ref possible reg’n GS5900
078 CUB28 Leeds reg’n issued Nov ’35; no further information
079 CXC530 Sedanca de ville sold by Offord & Sons Nov ’58 (note: this is not CXC350 which is a limousine GTK36); poss GTK8, GBK36 or GBK50
080 CXT544 London reg’n issued May ’36; Park Ward saloon
081 CXU170 London reg’n issued May ’36; illustrated RRB Jun ’38 p11 issue
082 CZ9542 Belfast reg’n issued Nov ’32 to Oct ’35; no further information; possibly GLG40
083 DF5860 Northampton reg’n; R-R car in use by E. Claybourne & Co., Doncaster (Claybourne’s Garage) Mar ’34 but actual R-R model unknown
084 DJ5103 1931 St. Helens reg’n on a Rolls-Royce car; transferred to a Mobylette bicycle 8th July 1976
085 DS8408 Petersen blower Bentley replica on 20/25 chassis; see BS1/291
086 DSJ228 1932-33 limousine, noted on wedding duty GBR ’97; known to have been issued to a black 1933 R-R Jan ‘97, untaxed since 01 May ’07; reg’n OSJ228 was quoted in error for this sighting
087 DY1 Hastings reg’n, an earlier issued number probably transferred from another car
088 DY5802 Hastings reg’n issued late 1929; has been reported on a 20/25 but no further information; the possibility of it being GYD36 muted at one stage cannot be correct; reg’n was issued too early for this car, whilst AOK300 which was originally allocated to this car was photographed in USA 1970s still wearing that reg’n and similarly in SWZ ‘91
089 FD147 1932-33 Barker drophead coupé, in IRE; see note for PD1478, perhaps the same car
090 FT4166 Tynemouth reg’n ’37; also see entry for AT8 above; a strong possibility is GDP80
091 GK8374 London reg’n issued Sep-Dec ‘30; limousine in use as a Manchester taxi 1940s
092 GN548 London reg’n issued Dec ’30 to Mar ’31; H. J. Mulliner fixed head coupé
093 GO17 London reg’n issued Mar-May ‘31; later a hearse and then a van, ex Punch Bowl Motors, Halifax; see B181/68
094 GOA60 Birmingham reg’n issued to goods vehicles Jun-Jul ’45!; a 20/25 hearse with this reg’n appeared in a Scott-Moncrieff sales list
095 GP15 London reg’n issued May-Aug ’31; a later van body noted on an unknown 20/25 chassis
096 GP685 London reg’n issued May-Aug ’31; saloon/limousine; BK picture collection
097 GP4683 London reg’n issued May-Aug ’31; unidentified builder limousine; photograph at the Hunt House Nov ‘04
098 GP8230 London reg’n issued May-Aug ’31; Arthur Mulliner sports saloon; photograph in late Peter Brockes collection
099 GR8 Hooper limousine pre GLG1, Sir Walter Runciman shown B160/64; (reg’n earlier used on 20hp GKM20 and later on 20/25 chassis GBJ23 – which was confusingly also a limousine by Hooper)
100 GS5900 See note 077 ref reg’n either being CS5900 or GS5900
101 GT2355 London reg’n issued Aug-Dec ‘31; unknown builder limousine; see B200/37 for details
102 GT3864 London reg’n issued Aug-Dec ‘31; Hooper upright car, GBR.60/Royce-Metcalfe; poss GBT10, GBT67 or GBT72
103 GT4383 London reg’n issued Aug-Dec ‘31; utility body noted on a 20/25 chassis; this prob actually refers to GFT29 reg’d GT3483 now in CAN with skiff body
104 GT4555 London reg’n issued Aug-Dec ‘31; limousine prob GNS18; see BLK photograph collection
105 GY78 London reg’n issued Jun-Sep ’32; no further information
106 GY2077 London reg’n issued Jun-Sep ‘32; illustrated MotorSport Apr ’72 p406; limousine, prev listed 1st edition in error as GF2017
107 GY3959 London reg’n issued Jun-Sep ’32; Petersen vintage Bentley blower replica RP1008 on 20/25 chassis; used as demonstrator by Jack Barclay – now with Robert Cook in Cornwall
108 GY7892 London reg’n issued Jun-Sep ’32; Thrupp & Maberly limousine, in GBR ‘71
109 HR5831? Illustrated RRB June ’38 p13: re-bodied early car; poss reg’d HR5881
110 HRK320 Claimed to be a 1931 Phantom II but more likely a 20/25 chassis with 1940s drophead coupe body; no further information
111 HS64 Landaulette; photograph from Steve Plimmer; Andre Blaize and Tom Clarke suggest 20/25s GBJ50, GXK71, GTK57 and 25/30 are possibilities
112 JG8644 1937 Canterbury, Kent reg’n; Freestone & Webb limousine; photograph in late Peter Brockes collection
113 JJ908 London reg’n issued Nov ’32 to Mar ‘33; 1932 unknown builder saloon at The Car Mart Ltd. customer event; photograph at the Hunt House
114 JJ4700 London reg’n issued Nov ’32 to Mar ‘33; car appeared in 1960 film 13 Ghosts, credit the late David Hughes of The Real Car Co; also see entry YY4700 for possible reg’n
115 JJ5544 London reg’n issued Nov ’32 to Mar ‘33; unknown builder hearse; owned by saxophonist and Manchester music shop owner Johnnie Roadhouse 1950s; photo received from Andre Blaize; has been reported as GFT3 which was originally reg’d GT4755
116 JR374 Northumberland reg’n issued Nov ’32 to Jul ‘39;1933 Park Ward? limousine, owned by Merediths Taxis, Hartlepool 1950-60s; note JR874 is recorded as a Hooper limousine on chassis GSY99 which was last noted GER ‘80
117 JS2972 Unidentified 20/25 saloon on Sran website
118 JSU585 Unidentified builder limousine; no further information but in wedding service GBR ’00 but reg’n not current Dec ‘11
119 JSU866 1934 H. J. Mulliner saloon; reg’n not current Dec ‘11
120 JW5531 Wolverhampton reg’n issued Mar ’31 to Jul ‘36; 1934 build car but no further information; GXB39, GYD38 or GWE68 are likely candidates
121 KVB714 1935 post GLG1 Barker 4d4l swept tail saloon owned GBR.63/Barr; GYH27, GOH27, GEH33, GBJ34, GLJ44 & GBK61 are all possible candidaties but GEH33 orig reg’d AA7 seems the most likely
122 LG9880 1932 Cheshire reg’n; had been mod to 2d6l by the time of sale by Scott-Moncrieff mid 1960s!
123 LJ3247 Poss misread and actually refers to LJ3242=GTR38
124 LV3040 Liverpool reg’n issued Jul ’32 to Aug ‘34; Harry Forrest, Aberdeen taxi 1952 advised by the late Peter Baines and illustrated B258/7; GZU28 is a likely candidate
125 MAN489 Owned IOM 1935-37 by Bluett
126 MF9000 1934 car in Mike Carter auction Feb ’76; Carter’s descriptions were known to be notoriously inaccurate and we suggest that GOS44 reg’d MS900 are perhaps one and the same car!
127 MXA100 1933 Park Ward saloon, GBR.75/Edgar; poss refers to his GSY14 which was fitted with a Mascot Motors hearse at the time
128 NH9283 1929 Northamptonshire reg’n; 1929 V-screen limousine, front view only illustrated B219/8
129 NNK895 Issued Hertford Nov ’51 to Feb ’52; a 20/25 wearing a utility body has been noted with this reg’n
130 NV512 1931 Northamptonshire reg’n; illustrated RRB Aug ’34 p14; 1933-34 4d4l Hooper saloon
131 NV5822 1935 Northamptonshire reg’n; Arthur Mulliner? saloon, owned by Merediths Taxis, Hartlepool 1950-60s
132 OG2— See table entries for GDP27 (OG25) and GLR5 (OG2947)
133 OSJ418? A 20/25 wedding car has been noted with this probable reg’n
134 PD1478 Issued Surrey Jul ’23 to Feb ’25; said to be a 20/25 tourer with Edmund Ryan in IRE; see note ref FD147, perhaps the same car
135 PL5794 Surrey reg’n issued May ’30 to Aug ‘31; Harry Forrest, Aberdeen taxi 1952 advised by the late Peter Baines; GLR21 is a likely candidate
136 QC1602 Temporary GBR reg’n reported on a 20/25 by the late Peter Baines
137 RB222 1929 ‘Tickford’ saloon, Sir A. H. D. Ramsay-Steel-Maitland; a strong candidate is GXO46
138 RB5174 Limousine; owned by G. E. V. Chapman of Blythe Bridge, Stoke on Trent of the family owned bone china factory Hudson & Middleton Ltd.
139 RC1066 1933 Thrupp limousine on Scott-Moncrieff sales list May ’62; reg’n issued Derby early Jan ‘33
140 RC3561 1936 Derby reg’n; illustrated RRB Mar ’37 p23; 1934-35 Hooper? saloon but note reg’n issue date
141 RD1569? Reported as a 1934 chassis, later an ambulance in the Reading, Berkshire area; note that reg’n RD1569 was originally issued Reading ’30, so it is likely to be a re-reg’n
142 RMN455 Isle of Man reg’n issued Jan-Nov ’54; no further information
143 RR3422 Sports saloon advertised by dealer Frank Hooper, Bude 1960s, illustrated “Motor Trend” Jun ‘66/94; thought to be chassis GXK43
144 RW6425 Although issued Coventry 1924, this reg’n is claimed to be on a 20/25 chassis with Woodall Nicholson hearse body
145 SSJ324 1936 Hooper saloon reg’d Aug ’88, offered by John Fletcher Oct ‘00
146 SSU121 1931 H. J. Mulliner saloon reg’d Mar ’89, GBR.92/Presley of Doncaster
147 SV5097? or SV5697, drophead coupe finished in green with white hood in 1997 film Le Mystère des Fées aka Fairy Tale: A True Story
148 TGN165 1932 estate car built in KEN, in Scott-Moncrieff sales list Mar ‘66
149 TPE531 Illustrated The Autocar 30th Jul ’70 p41: Thrupp & Maberly saloon
150 TSV589? or TSV989; Hooper 4d6l limousine noted in GBR ’00; neither reg’n current Dec ‘11
151 TY8310 1930 Northumberland reg’n; tourer photographed in Paris; possibly GNS20 although CC1 text shows with saloon body by Horace Adams
152 U-9388 No further information; poss actually an Umtali, Zimbabwe reg’n
153 UU8059 Issued London May-Jun ’29; a 20/25 with shooting brake body has been noted with this reg’n; prob actually UU8049 which is GXO15
154 UV8562 London reg’n issued Jun-Sep ’29; ca 1934 4d6l limousine, owned Capt. John Burton Jenkins of Oswestry ’52-56, refer B236/10; but poss a re-bodied New Phantom
155 VB6551 Croydon reg’n issued 1929; skiff in GBR.65; possibly personal reg’n of Maj. De Vere Barker, theatrical agent for Ralph Richardson, who owned many Bentley & R-R cars
156 VF8755 Issued Norfolk Feb ’27 to Dec ‘30; a 20/25 with utility body has been noted with this reg’n
157 VH5961 Issued Huddersfield 1933; a 20/25 with shooting brake body has been noted with this reg’n
158 VH6666 Issued Huddersfield 1934; a 20/25 with shooting brake body has been noted with this reg’n
159 VK9182 1933 Newcastle-upon-Tyne reg’n; no further information
160 VT729- 1932 Stoke-on-Trent reg’n; no further information
161 WG5050 1936 Stirlingshire reg’n but c1933 allweather, in GBR ‘90
162 WOT4 1934 Gurney Nutting drophead sedanca coupé; no further information
163 WS2002 Edinburgh reg’n issued Jun-Dec ’34; illustrated The Motor 7th Oct ’53 p816; tall body – prob a landaulette noted in Scotland ’52 fitted with Silver Wraith bumper and overriders at front; GAF73 later re-reg’d WRS483 is a likely candidate
164 WX3382 1930/31 Yorkshire (West Riding) reg’n; front only illustrated “The Automobile” Jan ’11; info sought by grandson Tony Carter (07850-508888) of ca1937 owner Jack Soards of East Mount Road, York
165 XX6814? Thought to be this reg’n noted on a 20/25 used for wedding hire
166 YFS221? Thought to be this reg’n noted on a 20/25 fitted with a replica Van Den Plas fixed head coupe body like the original fitted to GFT49
167 YG2700 Yorkshire (West Riding) reg’n issued Mar ’32 – Jan ‘35; 1933 unknown builder saloon in Scott-Moncrieff photograph collection at Hunt House (ref S-M/A72)
168 YG9800 Late 1934 Yorkshire (West Riding) reg’n; Park Ward limousine, later owned by Merediths Taxis, West Hartlepool
169 YS4395 1935 Glasgow reg’n; 1935 Hooper saloon offered on Scott-Moncrieff sales list May ‘62
170 YS4932 1935 Glasgow reg’n; offered by dealer “Bunty” Scott-Moncrieff 1960s
171 YY4700 London reg’n issued Sep-Nov ‘32; no further information but also see JJ4700 which might be the correct reg’n for this sighting
172 YY5323 London reg’n issued Sep-Nov ‘32; offered by Scott-Moncrieff; picture in late Peter Brockes collection
173 YY5599 London reg’n issued Sep-Nov ‘32; Park Ward? limousine, owned by Merediths Taxis, Hartlepool 1950-60s
174 YY6348 London reg’n issued Sep-Nov ‘32; unknown builder limousine in Scott-Moncrieff photographs at the Hunt House (ref S-M/A51)
175 YY6452 London reg’n issued Sep-Nov ‘32; Thrupp & Maberly saloon, later re-reg’d AUL807
176 YY7095 London reg’n issued Sep-Nov ‘32; pick-up truck, formerly a hearse, at Jack O’Lantern Garage GBR 1950s
177 YY8444 London reg’n issued Sep-Nov ‘32; Harry Forrest, Aberdeen taxi 1952 – advised by the late Peter Baines of R-REC and illustrated B258/7

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