CC5 Rolls-Royce Phantom II/III

As an enthusiast or as a prospective purchaser of a Phantom II introduced in 1929 or the later V-12 Phantom III announced at 1935 London Olympia show, you should not be without a copy of CC5!

In the usual Complete Classics format, the development history, technical aspects, handbooks and sales brochures, tools supplied and noted owners of both models are covered in detail. Complete production listings of the PII & PIII are included which show current owner’s family name and location of the survivors. Some 1012 PIIs (a little over 60% of the 1680 built) are extant.

Of course, the two models are light years apart from a technical point of view but the PIII was the direct descendant of the PII. Steve Stuckey in chapter 3.1, highlights the fact that 1/3 of new PIIIs were purchased by previous buyers of PIIs. Notwithstanding the Phantom III – as –teapot legend, covered handsomely by Chairman of the American PIII Technical Society in chapter 2.8 of the book. 629 of 727 PIIIs built have been recorded in the last 30 years giving us a survival rate of a staggering 86.52%! Only the Wraith and Phantom IV, both models produced in much smaller numbers, show better survivability. Price UK£23.95 inclusive of postage and packing to U.K. addresses.

CC5 is now out of print but copies to appear on EBay and elsewhere from time to time.

Below: the sumptuous interior of Antonio Castillo Olivares‘ Phantom III 3CM121. This Barker limousine was delivered new to Lady Ludlow in London during Spring 1938, but is currently resident in Spain’s capital city. The inward facing occasional seats are slightly unusual and are more usually found on the shorter chassis cars. Photograph courtesy of owner.