CC4 The Derby Built Bentleys

Following the take-over of Bentley Motors Ltd. by Rolls-Royce Ltd., the first design from the Derby works to wear the Bentley name was a chassis geared to the sporting market with a 3,669cc engine and first deliveries were made in the last quarter of 1933. In spring 1936, deliveries of the 4,257cc version commenced and in late 1938, came the first of 201 of the so called ’overdrive’ cars with the gear ratios changed to 2.38:1 for 1st gear, 1.49:1 for 2nd, direct in 3rd and 0.85:1 for 4th. The production register found within CC4, reveals that most buyers opted for a sports saloon body and that Park Ward’s design proved the most popular with 822 produced.

A total of 2518 X 3.5, 4.25 litre and Mk.V chassis were produced 1933-1939 and 1777 of these are known to survive – a little over 73% of production! Unfortunately interrupted by the war, the Bentley Mk.V incorporated independent front suspension and was to be made available in standard & Corniche versions. No fewer than 10 test chassis were used for the development programme – one more than the number actually delivered to customers! One notable current owner is composer Andrew Lloyd Webber who purchased the car almost 30 years ago. Below: Recently sold by Will Morrison of MotorHistorica, this Park Ward sports saloon on chassis B170HK enjoyed a protracted rebuild in recent years. The car featured no fewer than four times in the Bentley Motors (1931) Ltd. quarterly publication ‘Bentley Motors—On the Road’ and these may be seen in the book with the same title by this author.

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CC4-2, Updated 270219, new/amended reg’n/chassis cross-index

Reg’n Chassis Remarks
500FSM B93AE Reg’n affixed to car when offered by Hyman USA Feb ‘19
645XUV B39EJ Returned to GBR ex AUS with owner Timothy Elsworth
814GPE B182KT Advised by current owner Paul Treen
963YUS B193AE Re-reg’d by dealer Frank Dale & Stepsons 2013
ASL625 B137JY Reg’d on return GBR ex HOL
AUL1 B96CR Also worn by B23AE & B5GA
AYE84 B165AE Correction, mistyped as AYE83
BUV1 B155AE Initially AV6363, then BUV1 before BPL1; 2ndbody by then owner Barry Purcell
DL2040 B83BN Reg’d on return GBR ex HOL
DRR342 B146KT Reg’n affixed when handled by The Real Car Company 2017
DYY58B B30AW Reg’d briefly as such between GJ88 and AXS30
FLF794 B155AE Reg’d as such Dec ’38 between BPL1 and 118EPB
GY5876 B191BL Now with a Bob Petersen “blower” tourer body; the purchased reg’n GY5876 was deemed more appropriate for a vintage Bentley look-alike
KMP1 B179AE Reg’d on return GBR ex FRA ’39 and subsequently LMG668
MG4338 B84FB Subsequently mod by James Young with parallel opening doors and later still as a faux cabriolet with dummy landau irons; discovered derelict at the Cornell brother’s home in Kent and subsequently with Bugatti specialist Ivan Dutton
NSJ625 B164MR Re-reg’d on return to mainland ex GBJ when with The Real Car Company 2013
NYF543 B65BL Correction of transposed numerals
Q141JKR B60EF Allocated temporary GBR reg’n early 1980s when with dealer David Baldock, Goudhurst Kent
RSJ798 B9BN Known to have been re-reg’d after DLF345
USK449 B117KU Re-reg’d when with The Real Car Company June 2013
WXG571 B76CR Reg’d on return GBR ex CAN
XXH949 B164DG Reg’d on return GBR ex IRE; discovered derelict at the Cornell brother’s home in Kent and subsequently with Bugatti specialist Ivan Dutton
YS2385 B124DG Advised by owner Damian Tominey now fitted with homebuilt Hooper style drophead coupé body
YSL427 B3JY Reversed in error and shown incorrectly as 427YSL in CC4-2

…and the revised so-called problem pages!

See Model Reg’n Note
01 ? 72RPG 1936 car; Hobbs Auct. 19th June ’71; reg’n not current Dec ‘11
02 219HYP 1938 Park Ward saloon; noted in Frank Dale and Stepsons advertisement that appeared in Motorsport magazine
03 3652YO USA.70/R. S. Robe of New York City, USA (noted 1970 BDC members list); possibly a USA registration
04 ‘AKL28’ Picture OTR9/9 captioned ‘On a Radnorshire farm’; Park Ward saloon; probably artist’s licence
05 AUF77 Front view only shown The Autocar24th August 1934; AUF issued by Brighton County Borough Council, Sussex February to October 1934 and is therefore thought to be the unidentified car that was reported with the original owner in West Sussex during the 1990s!; reg’n not current Dec ‘11
06 AXO348 Picture B180/7; Thrupp & Maberly saloon
07 ? ‘BKC932’ Picture OTR8/19 captioned ‘Outside a 400-year old inn at Hambledon’; H. J. Mulliner saloon; probably artist’s licence
08 ? BLE629 Reported worn by a Derby Bentley; no further information
09 BTY103 Issued Northumberland April to July 1946; pillarless saloon believed by Park Ward; nothing further known about this sighting; reg’n not current Dec ‘11
10 BYN561? Unknown builder tourer noted in GBR 1990
11 BYV77 Neither coachbuilder nor its style is recorded but listed in GBR 1992 with owner Norris
12 BYV657 Park Ward saloon; in the late Roy Watson’s unknown Derby Bentley listing; perhaps actually refers to BYV637 which appears for chassis B178EF (also a Park Ward saloon)
13 ? ‘CGY716’ Picture OTR9/13 captioned ‘In a Devonshire lane’; Park Ward saloon; probably artist’s licence
14 ? ‘CLN314’ Picture OTR8/7 captioned ‘A fine photograph taken at Hambledon, near Henley’; H. J. Mulliner saloon; probably artist’s licence
15 ? ‘CLW671’ Picture OTR5/13 captioned ‘Near Chicksands Priory, Bedfordshire’; appears to be a Thrupp & Maberly saloon; probably artist’s licence
16 CUW2 Gurney Nutting coupé; photograph in Tom Clarke collection; this C. H. Grindley car (not his B37JY which was a razor-edged 4d4l saloon from new ordered by but not delivered to Grindley) is thought to be B15EJ which is the only ‘sweep panel’ that has a long time gap between its Car Mart Trials car use and its onward sale to Miss Jane Pauling in May 1937
17 ? ‘CWE149’ Picture OTR7/30, two views captioned ‘Entrance to the Cathedral Close at Norwich’ and ‘The West Door of Norwich Cathedral’; also shown OTR8/24 but devoid of registration plate!; Mann Egerton saloon with quarterlights on rear doors; probably artist’s licence
18 ? CXM5 Rear view only of a two-tone car which appears in monochrome photograph as black/cream appears on “BlueBoy 8111” website
19 CYH786 GBR.66/C. P. Brooks of Knockholt, Kent (noted 1966 BDC members list); perhaps refers to CYH787 chassis B121GP owned by Rush in GBR 1985
20 DLA547 1936 Park Ward saloon; dealer Scott-Moncrieff advertisement MotorSportSeptember ‘79/p1423 “Stored 20 years – price UK£5950.00”; reg’n not current Dec ‘11
21 DUC776 Noted in GBR 1969; no further information
22 EEB388 James Young drophead coupé; advertised Classic & Sports Carmagazines Sep/Nov/Dec ’93; reg’n not current Dec ‘11
23 EGO733 GBR.70/D. A. W. Alldrit of Redland, Bristol (noted 1970 BDC members list); BDC records show this as a 1938 3½ litre with the chassis number “B437G”!; possibly refers to B88JD owned by somebody named Alldritt (note spelling) in 1951
24 EJJ548 Thrupp & Maberly design B1122 delivered September ’37; almost certainly chassis B59KU reg’d October ‘37
25 ELF248? GBR.98/Blondell; Tom Clarke met this owner of a 1937 Thrupp & Maberly saloon at Manchester Car Show at the G-MEX Centre November ’98; possibly a memory lapse and actually refers to ELF351/B16LS
26 ESK703 1936 drophead coupé; reg’d Nov ’90; handled by dealer Porters in Kensington; appeared British TV programme “Class Act” ‘94; not current Dec ‘11
27 ESV497? 1937 Park Ward drophead coupé; possibly registered GSV497; advertisement Classic Cars June 1986
28 EYX375 GBR.92/Baron; this is thought to be an error for EYX395/B2MR
29 FMK780 GBR.66/G. W. Rothwell of Preston, Lancashire (noted 1966 BDC members list); reg’n not current Dec ‘11
30 GSV497? 1937 Park Ward drophead coupé; possibly registered ESV497; advertisement Classic Cars June 1986; neither reg’n current Dec ‘11
31 HSM1 GBR.66/H. S. P. Monro of Lockerbie, Dumfriesshire (noted 1966 BDC members list); reg’n not current Dec ‘11
32 HX3926 GBR.81/Summerfield (noted 1976 BDC members list); this is the famous Bentley Avon Special No.3 fitted with a 4¼ litre engine but the original 3½ litre chassis number is unknown
33 JR7440 GBR.50/Henry Moor of Durham University; (noted 1950 BDC members list)
34 JVR422 GBR.50/Stanley E. Bates of Hurstpierpoint, East Sussex; (noted 1950 BDC members list)
35 JVS342 Park Ward saloon; noted by the author on the road 1994
36 K8752 Reported Apr ’10 as a 1936? Derby Bentley owned many years ago by one Entwhistle
37 KSF336 1939 Hooper saloon in ‘MR’ series; reg’n issued April to June 1953 by Edinburgh; offered by Clarendon Garage MotorSportMay ‘77 p635; five possible cars B122MR, B130MR, B134MR, B138MR & B196MR; reg’n not current Dec ‘11
38 LRO331 Early style Park Ward saloon with modernised front wings; at Jack O’Lantern Garage, Hampshire 1960s; thought to be either B71BL or B97BN
39 MXU2 GBR.78/J. R. Guppy of Gussage St. Michael, Dorset (noted 1976 BDC members list update published Aug ‘78); reg’n not current Dec ’11; DXU2 on B175JY may apply
40 OGJ123 GBR.76/J. F. O. Laing of Canterbury, Kent (noted 1976 BDC members list); reg’n not current Dec ‘11
41 OM8654 Running Derby Bentley chassis offered by Jack O’Lantern Garage 1950s; reg’n not current Dec ‘11
42 OUB396 GBR.59/Flt-Lt. R. H. Robson of Gosforth, Newcastle-upon-Tyne (noted 1959 BDC members list); reported as a 1935 Park Ward saloon; reg’n not current Dec ‘11
43 ? PMO491 Unknown builder fixed head coupé; at Jack O’Lantern Garage, Romney, Hampshire 1950s
44 RC3168 GBR.74/John L. MacKinlay of Hawes, North Yorkshire (R-REC member); registration reported on MacKinlay’s Bentley S1 Continental chassis BC8DJ either earlier or later
45 S-1020 Brockman tourer on 1935 chassis; presumably refers to B176EF, the only chassis of that year later fitted with a Brockman body
46 UFF367 Park Ward saloon finished in bright red with black painted wire wheels; offered to dealer Frank Dale & Stepsons after reg’n Jul ‘95
47 VWY63 or YMX63? 1937 Park Ward drophead coupé; 1958 Leeds (VWY) or 1953 Middlesex (YMX) registration; advertisement Motorsport June ‘64/507; neither reg’n current Dec ‘11
48 YAS419 Illustrated BDR251/189, BS3/16; 2-seat special on Derby Bentley chassis reg’d Oct ’03 is known to be B–3FC