CC2 Rolls-Royce 25/30 & Wraith

Following the most successful Rolls-Royce small horsepower model produced between the wars, the 25/30 was introduced in 1936. 1203 examples (including two converted 20/25s) were built before introduction of the 25/30 Wraith model in 1938. The latter, much later than similarly sized cars from the other side of the Atlantic, featured independent front suspension for the first time, although this advance had first appeared on the Phantom III introduced 2 years earlier.

Arguably the quietest Rolls-Royce car, production of the Wraith terminated on the outbreak of WW2 and just 492 examples were built. Approximately 380 Wraiths are known to survive with in excess of 150 examples in the U.S.A. and Canada.

Notable purchasers of 25/30 cars included:-

Gerald Walcan-Bright, otherwise known as dance band leader ‘Geraldo’ with GTL66, Ninette de Valois the prima ballerina with GRM20, playwright & author Robert Sherriff with GAN4 (also Wraith WRB9), author of ’One Hundred & One Dalmatians’ Dodie Smith purchased GRO19 and used the car both in the U.K. and for a protracted visit to the United States and George Booth, the music hall musician/comedian who used the stage name George Formby GRP37 (and Wraith WRB2). Customers for the Wraith included George Bernard Shaw with WHC4, H.R.H. The Duke of Connaught with WRB6, H.R.H. Prince George Duke of Kent with WHC2 and Lord Trent, the founder of Boots the Chemists, had WXA19.

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Below: Gurney Nutting sedanca de ville on 25/30 chassis GMP73, was in wedding hire service in Northamptonshire but more recently was  sold via The Real Car Co. to an enthusiastic new owner in West Sussex . (Photograph courtesy of the wedding hire operator)



GMP7 Thrupp & Maberly limousine noted in the National Museum of Tanzania 2002 following formal use by the President. Photograph via Wayne Kennerly. GWN11 Thrupp & Maberly sports saloon has moved to a new owner in Mexico and is surely the only example of this model in that country. Photograph from owner.

CC2-2, Updated 270219, new/amended reg’n/chassis cross-index

Reg’n Chassis Remarks
141UYF WHC33 Reg’d on return to Vintage & Prestige ex USA
435YUL GUL50 Re-reg’d ex CNF1 by Vintage & Prestige ‘14
590UXO GUL63 Iin use by Reid’s Waterside Weddings Glasgow
677YUH WMB79 Reported as scrapped USA ’87 but currently reg’d GBR!
711YUU GAN52 Reg’d on return ex USA 2012 but see CGX605 below
2000AD GAN63 Re-reg’d to celebrate the new millenium
“8579PE” WXA53 Wears spurious GBR style reg’n in Illinois USA
BBB705 WEC70 Now known to have work Sam Smith of Northern Coachbuilders personal reg’n transferred ex GBA24
CGX605 GAN52? Reported as re-reg’d ex 711YUU
CXU989 GUL16 Offered by dealer Beverly Hills Car Club 2016
CXW4 GUL15 Dismantled body still with this reg’n offered Big Rock IL Jul ’18
CYY880 GUL52 Now known to have worn this reg’n for testing purposes prior to delivery new to New Zealand
DEL946 GUN15 Photographic evidence now to hand; front view with Mrs. Doris Maud Haag’s chauffeur alongside
DKF874 GRO18 Offered for sale BEL Jul ’17 still with this reg’n in rear box
DLA132? GHL10 Reg’n recorded in Jack Barclay sales records
DLD132? GHL10 Reg’n recorded by Tom Clarke
DLK609 GXM10 Reg’n in rear box when offered by BaT Daily Auctions Roslyn NY Feb ’17
DOK7 GMO33? Almost certainly this car reg’d DOK7 that appeared in the 1955 GBR comedy film “A Yank in Ermine”
DYR61 GAN28? Almost certainly the correct reg’n for this car last recorded with St. Pancras Garage 1953
EON2 ? New note – see below
“FBF27” GLP10 Wore spurious GBR style reg’n “FBF27” when offered RM auction Scottsdale AZ Jan ’14
FGT866 GUN4 Reg’n still fitted to car, though resident SWZ
FRD444 WHC1 Confirmed not FKD444
FXR668 WRB78 Clears old note 42
JZ3083 GWN66 Saw service in NIR with an undertaker prior to export to USA
MVF7 GRP41 This later reg’n was noted being worn when car was offered by dealer Hyman Ltd. 2017
NLX777 GRP26 Now known to have worn this reg’n between original APM943 and 277LNX prior to export to SWZ
ON1 ? New note – see below
ON1 ? New note – see below
YXG294 WHC61 Reg’d on return GBR ex USA
YXG701 GRO80 Re-reg’d ex DXV777 prior export toNew Zealand
ZV1121 WRB3 Car offered for sale by Burns in IRE Sep ‘18

…and the revised so-called problem pages!

No. Reg’n Model Notes
01 523ANP Wraith 1960 Worcester re-reg’n; Park Ward saloon with division design 13199
02 677YUH Wraith Some people have notified this white limousine in wedding hire service as WXA26; DVLA website shows it as reg’d 1st Apr ’12, chassis number –B79 and fitted with a 5100cc engine!; thought to be WMB79 last recorded as scrapped USA ’87!
03 AGB345 25/30 Glasgow reg’n issued Sep to Nov ‘37; 1936 H. J. Mulliner saloon; Scott-Moncrieff sales list Aug ‘63
04 AGD262 25/30 Glasgow reg’n issued Dec ’36; illustrated B231/6: in use by Belfast Co-operative funeral fleet 1950s
05 AMJ750 25/30 1937 Barker saloon; offered Scott-Moncrieff sales list Aug ‘63 but almost certainly a typing error for AMJ720 = GAN74 which was fitted with a Barker saloon body
06 BAM591 25/30 Wiltshire reg’n issued Aug ’37 to Jan ’38; no further information
07 BLM1 25/30? A 20/25 or 25/30 is illustrated The Motor 6th Jul ‘37/1010; a front view of a saloon or limousine, possibly by H. J. Mulliner, is shown attending a car dealer’s golfing day at Wentworth
08 BNX376 25/30 Warwickshire reg’n issued Mar to Jun ‘37; 1937 Park Ward straight backed limousine; Scott-Moncrieff sales list Jul ‘72
09 BUR46 25/30 Hertfordshire reg’n issued Jun to Aug ‘36; hearse used by T. Howe Hire Ltd. of Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the 1960s
10 CEU380 Wraith Later Brecon reg’n issued Jun ‘53 to Oct ‘54 reported to have been worn by a Wraith
11 CHV225 25/30 Later East Ham (East London) reg’n issued Sep ‘47 to Jul ‘48; 1936 built car but no further information
12 CRX541 Wraith Has been reported as a 1939 Wraith; note however that CRX581 is chassis WMB37
13 CVU180 25/30 1936 car dismantled by Adams & Oliver, Great Gidding ’63 according to their records; due similar reg’n, possibly they only dismantled the Barker body removed from GTL56/CVR180, later fitted with a Caffyns body ‘49
14 CWR250 25/30 Yorkshire (West Riding) reg’n issued Sep ’37; no further information
15 CYK818 25/30 London reg’n issued Jun to Sep ’36; rear view only shown J.R. Engineering catalogue ‘39
16 CYS703 Wraith Glasgow reg’n issued May to Jul ‘39 said to have been worn by a Wraith
17 CYX527 25/30 London reg’n issued Jul to Sep ’36; landaulette; this may well be a mistype as CYX526 is a landaulette by Windovers on chassis GHL33
18 DAD48 25/30 Gloucester reg’n issued Apr to Aug ’38; hearse used by T. Howe Hire Ltd. of Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the 1960s
19 DGF414 25/30 London reg’n issued Aug to Oct ’36; 1936 Hooper limousine; on the basis DGF413 = GRM16 and DGF416 = GRM37, probably issued to chassis GRM36
20 DGF936 25/30 London reg’n issued Aug to Oct ’36; probably a Windovers saloon believed photographed outside the Windovers works; photograph in Hunt House collection
21 DJK41 25/30 Later Eastbourne reg’n issued May ‘56 to Feb ’57; 1936 Hooper landaulette in use by Meredith’s Taxis, West Hartlepool 1950s
22 DLF5 25/30 London reg’n issued Nov ’36 to Jan ’37; 1936 Park Ward limousine? converted to ambulance; to Kenny of Stockport who fitted another Park Ward limousine body obtained from Meredith’s Taxis, West Hartlepool
23 DLP561 25/30 London reg’n issued Dec ’36 to Mar ’37; listed by Thrupp & Maberly as 25/30 chassis GRM6 but this received a H. J. Mulliner body and was reg’d DGT484; the original reg’n for Thrupp bodied car GAN6 is unknown and DLP561 may well be this car
24 DLW648 25/30 London reg’n issued Jan to Feb ’37; unknown builder limousine; author’s photograph collection
25 DXA96 25/30 Reported as a 1937 Gurney Nutting sedanca de ville when owned GBR.71/Livingstone; probably refers to DXA967/GAN73, a Gurney Nutting sedanca coupé
26 DYE720 25/30 London reg’n issued Apr to May ’37; 1937 Thrupp & Maberly saloon; photographs offered eBay Jun ‘06
27 DYL5 25/30 London reg’n issued May to Jun ’37; Hooper limousine with chauffeur alongside; BK picture collection
28 DYR61 25/30 Windovers limousine; photograph received from Tom Clarke Dec ’15; GAN28 or GUN12 are strong possibility
29 EGJ46 25/30 London reg’n issued Jul to Nov ’37; 1937 Barker limousine; no further information; note EGJ45 = Derby Bentley B163HM Oct ’37 & EGJ48 = PIII 3CP178 Aug ’37; probably GMP79
30 EGN469 25/30 London reg’n issued Jul to Sep ’37; 1937 Windovers sedanca de ville; offered Scott-Moncrieff sales list; probably a mistype and refers to EGN969/GHO64 with similar colour scheme
31 EGP90 25/30 London reg’n issued Aug to Sep ’37; 1937 Hooper saloon – identical to GXM58 according to a Scott-Moncrieff sales list and therefore design 6529; possibly therefore GTL79
32 EGT5 25/30 London reg’n issued Aug to Nov ’37 used on many cars owned by Sir Robert Lyall-Grant and later by Hector Laing of McVitie & Price biscuits; an unidentified limousine, probably by Hooper,  wears this reg’n in the 1957 GBR film ‘The Smallest Show on Earth’ but a 25/30 was not owned by either of the aforementioned gentlemen
33 ELP476 25/30 Issued London Nov ’37 to Jan ‘38; no further information
34 EON2 25/30? Limousine in use by Birmingham Corporation when HRH Princess Elizabeth visited Birmingham ‘52
35 EOX900 Wraith Birmingham reg’n issued Mar ’39; 1939 Thrupp & Maberly touring limousine; shown Scott-Moncrieff sales list; note this is not WMB44 which photographic evidence confirms as EOX100
36 ETA360 25/30 Devon reg’n issued Jan to Apr ’37; 1937 Unknown builder 4d6l saloon with Basingstoke Autos; note reg’n ETA620 = 25/30 GUN14 which was fitted with an Arthur Mulliner limousine body
37 EYH404 25/30 London reg’n issued May to Jun ‘38; chassis number previously quoted as GGR54 which is incoRRECt; no further information; note EYH406 = PIII 3CM167 Dec ‘37
38 EYP776 25/30 London reg’n issued Jun to Jul ‘38; 1936 Barker limousine reported in use by Meredith’s Taxis West Hartlepool; note EYP778 = 25/30 GGR47 which is a Barker limousine
39 FFY1 25/30 Swept tail limousine, probably by Hooper, in use as Mayoral transport, Southport Lancashire
40 FGH409 Wraith London reg’n issued Sep to Dec ‘38; 1938 sweptback landaulette de ville; 1939 Deauville concours entrant; note FGH410 was on Wraith WXA31 Aug ’38 (a limousine de ville)
41 FGP595 Wraith London reg’n issued Oct to Nov ‘38; 1938 Thrupp & Maberly limousine; WXA27 or WXA77 are likely candidates; offered Scott-Moncrieff sales list 1960s
42 FPA222 25/30 Surrey reg’n issued Feb to Mar ’37; 1936 Thrupp & Maberly limousine; reported with Meredith’s Taxis, West Hartlepool 1950s; note FPA119 = 25/30 GWN40 Dec ‘36
43 FTU528 Wraith Chester reg’n issued Apr to Jul ’39; 1939 Thrupp & Maberly saloon; offered Scott-Moncrieff sales list Sep ‘67; either WHC15, WHC28 or WKC3
44 FXE869 Wraith London reg’n issued May to Jun ’39; no further information
45 GPE88 25/30 Surrey reg’n issued Feb ’38; Barker sports saloon; photograph in AndréBlaize collection; possibly GMP68 and now reg’d NLG462
46 JR6817 25/30 Illustrated J.R. Engineering catalogue ’39; rear view of swept tail saloon or limousine; probably a fictitious reg’n
47 JVD607 Wraith Later Lanarkshire reg’n issued Jan to Jun ’54; 1939 Park Ward limousine and poss one of the ex-ambassadorial cars; offered Scott-Moncrieff sales list mid 1960s; sold to Donald McLaren Coatbridge for limousine hire use
48 LRE888 25/30 Traded in to Scott-Moncrieff 1960s by Mosscrop in exchange for 20/25 GBA11 – see B231/9 for more
49 MAN155 25/30 1936 Park Ward saloon (note that MAN144 was worn by 20/25 chassis GLG72 – which was also a Park Ward saloon), so maybe a memory failure here!
50 MN3199 25/30 Unknown builder saloon with division; Frank Dale photograph collection
51 OC7229 25/30 Believed to be a Binder drophead coupé in use by Hermann Goering in Paris during the war; chassis GMP74 would seem to be a possible candidate
52 ON1 25/30? Limousine in use by Birmingham Corporation when HRH Princess Elizabeth visited Birmingham ‘52
53 ON1 25/30? A different car to that above, believed to be a 25/30, in use when the Birmingham Mayor reviewed troops
54 R10 Wraith 1938 Windovers saloon; no further information
55 RC5826 Wraith A 1938 4d6l touring limousine reg’d as such appears in R-R sales material; believed to be WXA3 with actual reg’n RC5328 altered by an artist
56 SSV810 Wraith 1937 Park Ward limousine; possibly actually refers to Wraith SSV850 = WMB49
57 TLM1 25/30 Razor-edged Park Ward sports saloon offered by Scott-Moncrieff; ¾ front picture in late Peter Brockes collection
58 TZ8562 Wraith Park Ward limousine; no further information
59 UD6893? 25/30 Illustrated B231/6 – a photograph of the Belfast Co-operative funeral fleet 1950s
60 UD9361 25/30 Oxford reg’n issued Jan-Oct ’38; 1936 Hooper saloon; no further information
61 WZ6971 25/30 Illustrated B231/6 – a photograph of the Belfast Co-operative funeral fleet 1950s
62 YSU596 25/30 1937 chassis; GBR.92/Angell; possibly refers to YSU255 = GGM9 with replica vintage Bentley type body; in Sussex